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Hopkins & Delaney LLP will be released around 10pm PST Today! 

Check out my friend Sean Buckelew’s movie coming out tonight! So happy it’s going to finally be out in the world. Before the flick, I highly recommend going through the posts leading up to the movie to have the full surround Hopkins and Delaney experience

Sean Buckelew is fucking incredible, just like MJ, he puts out hit after hit, on this one I helped out a little and I couldn’t feel more delighted to be a part of this. It’s so good!!!

check out his new film!!!

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For many years I’ve been saying I wasn’t quite sure I gelled with the East Coast vibe. I’d been to NYC, Philly, and Boston in my previous travels, and it was just different enough that I didn’t think I could grok it. I can happily say that after a week long jaunt through the States with my…

Love forever. I miss you all. Linear notes comin.


Melancholia by William Karmis

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i hope this record does well,

i have everyone to thank for your support

ill see you later this year